Fitness Training For Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster In 30 Days

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Fitness Training For Running: Run Stronger and Race Faster In 30 Days

fitness training for running

It is a warm morning, the sun is shining beautifully, the atmosphere filled with pomp and frenzy. Numerous men and women are mingling freely in the central park. Everyone is so excited and ready to start a local underwear marathon. Never underestimate is the power of being half naked in a group with members of the opposite sex.

So, the “Celebrate America” Underwear Run begins colorfully. In the middle of the race, a beautiful young woman, with a body to die for, visibly slows down as if to faint. Suddenly, she stops and collapses on the ground. She starts making funny noises as if she is experiencing something ungodly. Men (the opportunistic ones) grab the chance to save the beauty. She is crying for help, and by this time, her beauty has significantly diminished due to the contortions of her face. Body cramps, muscle pulls, fatigue, dehydration………her body seems to tear apart. Culprit: Running without training! Putting men and women in one marathon is not as bad as one going for a run without training as far as this might be well known by a number of people.

The most important thing that one should never compromise on is fitness training for running. While running in races such as Marathon du Medoc, Krispy Kreme Challenge, and other races is supposed to be fun, failure to train could be catastrophic. Save yourself from shame, embarrassment and tragedy by following the simplest guidelines for fitness training for running.
The secret to being a good runner is a training plan that incorporates all parts of the body, including the mind and the soul. The first thing to do is to come up with a training plan. Decide on the different exercises that you would like to undertake then allocate time for each one of them. Create a schedule that clearly illustrates what to do and when to do it.

To run smoothly, you ought to practice by running a distance longer than what is required in a given race. If a race is estimated to be 3 miles, then train by running 3.5-4 miles at least thrice a week before the actual day of the contest. You need to time yourself. By so doing, you can check whether you are making progress or not. Also, begin runs slowly and try to increase your pace with every new run. On the days that you do not run, you need to exercise your body to make it strong and less prone to injury. The body exercises that you should carry out include squats, lunges, planks and push-ups. Do the exercises for 12 minutes per session, allocating three minutes to an individual exercise. Repeat the same 12-minute exercise at least twice daily.

Besides physical activity, one needs to eat well to strengthen his or her body. Drink enough water for hydration and take some time to rest and reflect on an upcoming race. If one follows all the recommended measures, then he or she can be assured of a smooth run to and past the finish line.

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